Sunday, 5 October 2008

Disqualified for 11 Yrs.

Karl Williams, born on 20/06/1950, of

RM14 2LR

was disqualified as a company director on the 04/01/2007 for 11 years (out of a statutory maximum of 15 years).

His reasons of disqualification :

for unfitness to act as company director (CDDA 1986 S7).

Source : Companies House

Disqualification proceedings are handled by the courts or the Insolvency Service. If they find against you, you'll be disqualified for between two and 15 years.

While disqualified, you must not:

  • be a director of any company
  • act like a director - even without being formally appointed
  • influence the running of a company through the directors
  • be involved in the formation of a new company
  • promotion of a company

Ignoring a disqualification order is a criminal offence. You could be fined and sent to prison for up to two years.

Even if you have not been disqualified, rules introduced on 6 August 2007 may prevent you from becoming a director of another company. The rules prohibit directors of insolvent companies from becoming the director of another company with the same or a similar name (known as a "prohibited name") for 12 months. The rules also prohibit directors of insolvent companies from acting in a way to promote, form or manage a company with a prohibited name.

If Karl Williams approaches you under the guise of another organisation he is breaking the law. If you know of Karl Williams is influencing the running of any company, acting like a director of a company, looking to form a company with the aid or association of others, or is promoting any company - please report him!

Call : 0845 601 3546 or email :

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Karl Williams and Hornchurch FC

You may have thought that clubs would have learnt a lesson form the Telford experience. This may well be the case but not in Hornchurch.

How can I best describe Hornchurch? A club that lives in the shadows of Dagenham & Redbridge gives you some idea of its size and geographical location. Step in Karl Williams of Coldseal Windows and sud- denly an insignificant club on the edge of a massive housing estate is paying players £2ka week and going full-time. Not surprisingly, Hornchurch quickly stormed to the top of the Conference South; they were paying single players a weekly wage that equated to more than fellow league sides like Redbridge FC turned over in a week. Crowds hovered around the 600 mark which would have barely paid for Lee Elam’s after match shower and brush up.

Within months of building Hornchurch up so that it was totally reliant on Williams’ money, Coldseal Windows went bust. Almost immediately a player exodus started and Hornchurch are back where they started player-wise but significantly worse off financially. What were Williams’s real motives behind Hornchurch? Let’s not forget his company also sponsored the Carthium Cup, The Bryco Cup and a number of lower pyramid clubs. Whatever they were, he must have known Coldseal was in trouble when he invested his money. Hornchurch manager, Gary Hill, must have had some suspicions as he got his annual wage paid up front! What we don’t know is if he kept it all after he walked out at the end of January.

Source Shaymen Down South

Coldseal in liquidation - Derby Evening Telegraph

An investigation into the way in which Coldseal Group Ltd acquired the assets of Alfreton double-glazing company Coldseal Ltd in December 2003 has revealed that no money changed hands. As a result, administrator Begbies Traynor, of Southend, Essex, has filed a report to the Department of Trade and Industry, suggesting that further investigations be carried out into the legality of the transaction.

Despite boasts of turnover of around £75m for the year and an order book worth £16m, Coldseal Group Ltd was unable to pay creditors and claimed assets of only £60,000 to £70,000. It has been alleged that "crown liabilities", tax and VAT, were not assumed by Coldseal Group Ltd when it "bought" Coldseal Ltd, which trades as Coldseal and has its main sales office on the Meadow Lane industrial estate.

There is nothing illegal about winding up a company, nor for a director of a company in liquidation to be a director of a company that acquires the assets of the liquidated company. However, to close a company and transfer the assets to another firm at less than a realistic value, to avoid honouring guarantees or paying debts, particularly tax and VAT, could be illegal.

The allegation, in the administrator's reporter, against at least some of the directors of Coldseal Ltd, who were also directors of Coldseal Group Ltd, came to light when it was revealed that Coldseal Group Ltd had followed Coldseal Ltd into liquidation, after just eight months.

None of the directors named in the allegation have been identified and the details of the allegation have not been disclosed. A spokesman for Begbies Traynor said only, "We have filed a report to the Department of Trade and Industry." The Coldseal brand has now transferred to a company called The Carthium Group Ltd, which has its registered offices at solicitors Wollastons, of Brierly Place, New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex.

George Haddow, of Bower Mount Road, Maidstone, Kent, Barry Raymond Westwood, of Harrow Road, Leighton Buzzard, and Carl Williams, of Bridge Avenue, Upminster, Essex, were all directors of both Coldseal Group Ltd and are directors of The Carthium Group Ltd. Mr Williams resigned as a director of Coldseal in August 2004, four months after The Carthium Group Ltd was incorporated. The date on which Coldseal group Ltd's assets transferred to The Carthium Group Ltd has not been revealed.

Coldseal Solicitors:

Brierly Place
New London Road
Chelmsford CM2 0AP

Tel: 01245 211 211
FAX 01245 354 764

The name of the people dealing with Coldseals liquidation:

Stewart Bennett
Berg Kapron Lewis
35 Ballards Lane
London N3 1XW

Tel: 020 8922 9222

Source Derby Evening Telegraph